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Volume 28 No.2 Dec 2017
This two stroke Cloud-to-ground lightning flash with two ground terminations was photographed by Mike Olbinski in southern New Mexico on July 10, 2015 using a 10s exposure. The first stroke (on the right) struck the ground about 460 m from the camera (+/-24%) and also initiated at least 12 unconnected, upward leaders (or "streamers") near the ground termination. Attachment occurred when an upward-propagating positive leader reached an inferred height of about 20 m above local ground (Attachment 1). The second stroke (on the left) struck ground about 740 m from the camera, and the height of its attachment is estimated to be 15 m.

Cummins, K.L., E.P. Krider, M. Olbinski, R. Holle (2018), A case study of lightning attachment to flat ground showing multiple unconnected upward leaders, Atmospheric Research


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