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Volume 27 No.1 May 2016
A complex winter IC lightning flash that triggered an upward lightning discharge from a wind turbine at Uchinada, Japan as seen by LIVE (Lightning Imaging via. VHF Emission). In the still image, the beginning of the flash is shown in blue, the middle green, and the end red. The majority of the lightning channels were produced by negative breakdown, with several channels growing at the same time. VHF emission from this type of growth tends to interfere with itself, making both interferometric and time-of-arrival mapping more difficult. The upward flash began at 158.4 ms (green in the still figure), and produced bright, continuous VHF emission. Study of this and other Japanese winter lightning flashes is ongoing. The complexity of this flash is not unusual in comparison to other winter flashes, showing that there is still quite a lot to learn about Japanese winter lightning. Video is provided by Michael Stock, RAIRAN Pte. Ltd., Japan.


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