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Volume 25 No.2 Nov 2014
A lightning flash that lasted 7.74 seconds. You can watch its animation at http://lightning.nmt.edu/ICAE/France_Flash.gif. In the figure, an "X" is a +CG stroke located by the EUCLID lightning detection network; a "" is a EUCLID detected -CG (This was a +CG flash, so there were probably no -CG strokes. The ""s were probably mis-classified cloud pulses.); a "*" is a EUCLID detected +IC pulse. The figure and the animation were provided by Bill Rison, New Mexico Tech with support from Eric Defer of LERMA, Observatoire de Paris, Paris, France, who was the one who worked to get the LMA to France, and Stephane Pedeboy of Météorage, Pau, France, who provided the EUCLID data.


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