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Volume 23 No.2 Nov 2012
LMA source locations and channel base current for an unusual triggered lightning flash at the UF/FIT International Center for Lightning Research and Testing at Camp Blanding, FL. The triggering process with its upward positive leader curiously led to the initiation of an intracloud discharge from the top of the lower negative charge region into the upper positive charge region, with some of the charge from the upper positive center flowing to ground, reversing the normal direction of current flow at ground. The LMA sources of the negative upward leader which initiates the cloud discharge are shown on the bottom left figure in red dots just prior to the current reversal. Adapted from a paper to be submitted for publication by Hill, Pilkey, Uman, Jordan (UF), Rison, Krehbiel (New Mexico Tech), Biggerstaff, Highland (OU), and Blakeslee (NASA).


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